SYNCHROS: SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the ROle of all Stakeholders


FUNDING BODY: Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation Program under grant agreement 825884

CODE: 825884


DESCRIPTION: SYNCHROS is a coordination and support action that aims to establish a sustainable European strategy for the development of the next generation of integrated population cohorts, patients, and clinical trials; thus contributing to an international strategic agenda for a better coordination of cohorts worldwide .

This will address the practical, ethical, legal,  methodological challenges to optimizing the exploitation of current and future cohort data towards the development of stratified and personalized medicine, as well as to facilitate health policy. In order to achieve this goal, SYNCHROS will map the cohort landscape in Europe and that of major international initiatives, identify the best methods for integrating cohort data, identify solutions to address practical, ethical, and legal challenges when integrating data between patients, clinical trials, and population cohorts, and evaluate the use of new emerging data collection technologies and data types. Along with the intensive participation of stakeholders (researchers, patients, funding agencies, clinicians, coordinators of previous integration and harmonization exercises), summaries of strategies will be written and used to carry out dialogues with stakeholders to generate consensus after a deliberative process and scientific methods of implementation.

The main contribution of the group, led by Dr. José Luis Ayuso, is to provide statistical and methodological support to all those involved in the project, participating in the development of analytical methods.

The goal of this collaboration is to make sustainable recommendations on standards to improve the future sample, data collection, and data exchange methods, and to disseminate this information to contribute to the definition of an international strategic agenda for better coordination of cohorts globally.

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