Day to Day Emotional Fluctuation. Ecological analysis of depressive symptomatology in the general population


FUNDING BODY: Carlos III Health Institute. Health Research Projects. Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

CODE: PI16 / 00177


DESCRIPTION: The Day to Day Emotional Fluctuation project. Ecological analysis of depressive symptomatology in the general population began in 2017, and is funded by the Carlos III Health Institute and FEDER funds and directed by Dr. Marta Miret.

It is a longitudinal study that will follow a representative sample of the population of Madrid from 18 to 65 years through Experience Sampling Method (ESM), an innovative methodology that allows you to study what people do and feel in their daily lives.

The goal of the project is to evaluate the fluctuations of depressive symptomatology and subjective well-being, and to analyze the factors related to these fluctuations. To do this, participants are asked to systematically reflect on what they are doing and how they are feeling at random times of the day, providing an ecological and real-time monitoring of repeated evaluations of the affective experience and context in the flow of daily life.

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