CIBERSAM Cohort of Cases with First Psychotic Episode and Controls


FUNDING BODY: Carlos III Health Institute

DESCRIPTION: Project funded by the Carlos III Health Institute, in which different CIBERSAM centers participate, with a starting date in 2016. The project involves a support for the continuation of the evaluation and sharing of data from cohort studies of patients who had previously been evaluated from the start of the first psychotic episode to two years, in each CIBERSAM center. Specifically, the study gives support to follow-up evaluations between 2 years from their first psychotic episode to 5 years. This project therefore represents a continuation for the evaluation of more long-term patients. The collected data will try to clarify what is the relationship and interaction between genetic, neurobiological and environmental factors that explains the evolution of patients with psychotic symptoms, as well as the definition of different trajectories of evolution and factors associated with each of them.



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