Esther Gómez Cordero

Nurse and Health Dissemination


Esther Gómez Cordero is a nurse specialized in emergencies and out-of-hospital emergencies. In addition, she is an associate professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Esther carries out various health dissemination activities through various media: her Instagram account (@mienfermerafavorita), the Spanish national radio (weekly section in “Tarde lo que Tarde” with Julia Varela) and the magazine “Saber Vivir”. She is also a national ambassador in “Aldeas Infantiles”and regularly collaborates in sessions organized by the European Parliament.

She is the director of the AMIR Master’s Degree in School Nursing and a professor at AMIR in aesthetic medicine, at the Master’s in aesthetic medicine, nutrition and anti-aging and at the master’s in trichology and capillary micrografting, supported by the IFSES group.

As a collaborator of our research group, she has carried out important health dissemination tasks in different research projects.